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Hungary’s prime ministerial hopeful mulls possibility of EU army

| 2022-02-14 < 1 min read

Hungary’s prime ministerial hopeful mulls possibility of EU army

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Peter Marki-Zay, the prime ministerial candidate of Hungary’s united opposition, said on Monday that Hungary’s future belongs in NATO, reported.

Speaking in his hometown of Hodmezovasarhely, south Hungary, where he is mayor, Marki-Zay added that he sees no reason why defence cannot be something under common European control.

The conservative politician said he considers Russia to be the aggressor in the current standoff between it and Ukraine, and expressed support for the latter country’s territorial integrity.

Marki-Zay called “disgusting” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s recent failure to reject Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comment that Hungary should leave NATO. “Any decent Hungarian would reject that,” he added.

Orban’s ruling Fidesz party responded that the united opposition would “give up Hungary’s protection against illegal migration” and “withdraw police and soldiers from the border as a first measure”. The right-wing party argued that “Hungary’s security is at stake at the April 3 election”.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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