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Visegrad 4 reps sign joint declaration in support of nuclear energy

| 2021-11-22 < 1 min read

Visegrad 4 reps sign joint declaration in support of nuclear energy

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Strengthening energy sovereignty and energy security, maintaining affordable energy prices and decarbonising energy production can only be achieved through the combined use of nuclear and renewable energy, according to a joint declaration signed by János Süli, Hungary’s Minister without Portfolio responsible for the country’s Paks 2 nuclear facility expansion, and by representatives of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia – all members of the Visegrad 4 (V4) group of countries in Central Europe.

The document stipulates that the V4 country signatories are committed to the use of nuclear energy, in the belief that nuclear power plants – and in the mid-term, natural gas-fired power plants – contribute to the EU’s carbon neutrality goals while strengthening security of supply and the provision of clean energy.

The V4 welcomed a statement by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JCR), recognising nuclear energy as a safe technology in full compliance with EU’s environmental standards. Therefore, the document the representatives signed also calls on Brussels to treat nuclear energy as a sustainable energy source and include it in the taxonomy directive.

Source: , EU JRC