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Putin promises record amounts of gas to Europe

| 2021-10-07 < 1 min read

Putin promises record amounts of gas to Europe

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On Wednesday, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin offered to deliver record amounts of natural gas to Europe to address rising prices and avoid an energy crisis just before the winter heating season, which sees higher demand.

Recently, Europe has seen a shortage of gas supply, driving up energy prices. Some observers opine that Russia’s Gazprom has been reluctant to increase shipments, perhaps in an attempt to apply geopolitical pressure from the Kremlin. Russia would like its Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, which delivers to a hub in Germany, circumnavigating pipeline infrastructure in Ukraine, to receive European regulatory approval.

Despite those allegations, Putin said a record amount of gas had been delivered this year through Ukraine, and blamed Europe for the high prices. Moscow, he said, was a reliable supplier that fulfils its obligations.

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