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Stricter Covid Requirements Returning for Americans

| 2021-08-30 < 1 min read

Stricter Covid Requirements Returning for Americans

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Stricter COVID-19 health requirements are set to go back into effect on US citizens traveling to Europe, with an announcement likely to be made today. Now, those coming from America who are unvaccinated must once again undergo covid testing and/or quarantine when entering the European Union. Still, individual EU member states will likely be able to use their own discretion regarding testing and quarantine for American travelers.

Since June, the US has been on a “safe list” of 23 countries whose citizens have been able to enjoy unrestricted travel in the 27 European Union member states. But anonymous sources within the EU have told Reuters that the US will be removed from the list – and within Europe, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia might also be taken off of the safe list, depending upon the status of the COVID-19 health crisis in each country.

Even though the EU has argued for reciprocity with the US as the former has allowed unrestricted access to American visitors since last June, travel to the US for EU citizens has been been prohibited all summer.

Sources: Reuters, NYT